Thursday, 28 April 2016

Group Collaboration

Our group is working hard now days for our Exhibition and I believe that collaboration and communication are the most important things that we should have in Exhibition. However, I feel that even though we are collaborating, we still lack much. Most of the time when the lack comes is when we have conflicts with one another. If I were to see the argument in the other perspective, I also think that these conflicts can gather one another's perspective and know them more which could help the group. Even though we had only spent 2 weeks together, we should try to stay collaborate as much as we can throughout Exhibition.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

The Researching Phase

After the first 2 days of proper research I think that my group is doing well. I think this because we know what each other is doing and we all have our own thing that we’re working on. Right now I also think that we’re going in a good direction because we’ve split into groups working on different tasks. I am very confident that my group will have a good Exhibition. During the first stages of researching we had different ideas about our researching but once we got on the same page it’s been going well.

Our groups collaboration

I think that our group is collaborating well. Sometimes we would have conflict but we would normally resolve it. We know that conflict is good because we know that we are different people and we will obviously have different opinions. The main reason we have conflict is when we have a misunderstanding. The thing that we need to improve on is to let one person at a time to talk because it will be hard to listen to everyone at the same time. Otherwise, my group is doing really well!

Monday, 25 April 2016

A Group without Collaboration

Our group is in the position we are meant to be in, however, we are not Collaborating well. Collaboration is a very important part of the Exhibition, sometimes I think that it is okay if we don’t collaborate at least we are in the position we are meant to be. However, I am wrong because I know that if we don’t collaborate then we won’t go anywhere or achieve anything. Most of my group's conflict happen because of agreements and disagreements. Our group does not at all like having conflict, mostly because we are the only group in our class that has conflict and we are a group and that means we have to collaborate, trust each other, help each other and much more, however, we barely started.

What is my perspective on migrant workers?

Well, I believe that some of us may treat them badly and believe they have a reason to do so. I firmly think that migrant workers are after all, human and should be treated as such. Some of the research from sites state that some of the migrant workers believe that they are not being treated well  "Quarters are dirty, food is bad and unhealthy."  One migrant worker quotes.

 Some questions that could be used to take thinking further would be: Why do employers sometimes treat migrant workers badly? or What is the perspective of the employers and government.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

The Experience with the Experts

Some of the Grade 6’s came to our class with some good knowledge of the Exhibition. To be honest, they were very helpful, also they gave us many helpful tips, like it’s better to get everything done two days before the exhibition starts, to collaborate more often and not use the laptop, because sometimes you can get off task.
With that in hand we also went to SAIS (Stamford American International School). In SAIS we saw their Exhibition. Surprisingly they only were partners doing the whole exhibition, unlike us because we were 5 people in a group. They told us that it took 4 weeks for them to do the Exhibition. They also said that they got advice from AIS (Australian International School).


With G6’s

                                                    Learning from Exhibition experts  

Today, Grade 6 students came to our class to share about their experience in Exhibition. They mentioned everything about Exhibition that we needed to know and they also answered our questions for Exhibition curiosity. It was a valuable time for me since they had already done Exhibition, they would have experience in it. They also told us the tips like to be on task and not be distracted by other things throughout Exhibition and what we needed to do when a certain matter comes up. It was a very meaningful meeting with the Grade 6 students to tell us more about Exhibition.

Experience matters

Experience matters
Today the grade 6 students from our school came to our classroom and talked about #Exhibition and the process. The things that I learned from the grade 6’s were…
You have to take responsibility for;
  • Managing your time wisely
  • Making sure everything gets completed
  • We all share different jobs
  • Don’t just leave assigned work
  • Complete the assigned work, this isn’t anything
Other very helpful and important pieces of what we learned are…

  • Take help from your mentor
  • Remind yourself of your skills and qualities
  • #Collaborate with your group

Visiting The SAIS Exhibition!!!

Today we got to visit the Stamford American International School(SAIS) to see their Exhibition. I feel the opportunity to visit and see their Exhibition was very valuable because I got to see the end product of an exhibition project and what our Exhibition could look like. Also it was valuable because I got to see how all pieces of an Exhibition project came together to form an amazing presentation. Seeing this Exhibition gave me a chance to see some ideas my group could use such as using videos to express our thinking. It was a great chance to experience the end of an Exhibition project.

G6: Exhibition
Today we were visited by a number of grade 6s who had come to talk about exhibition and G6. I think the knowledge imparted was quite valuable because the G6s told us their experiences, what went well, what was challenging, etc, etc. Something I learned was that even if only 1 or 2 students were off task, the whole group falls apart. It would probably go something like this:
Student 1: What did you guys find?
Student 2: nothing
Student 1 what about Joe and Fred?
Joe and Fred: Nothing.
Student 1: What!?
Joe: Check out this doge meme!