Monday, 25 April 2016

A Group without Collaboration

Our group is in the position we are meant to be in, however, we are not Collaborating well. Collaboration is a very important part of the Exhibition, sometimes I think that it is okay if we don’t collaborate at least we are in the position we are meant to be. However, I am wrong because I know that if we don’t collaborate then we won’t go anywhere or achieve anything. Most of my group's conflict happen because of agreements and disagreements. Our group does not at all like having conflict, mostly because we are the only group in our class that has conflict and we are a group and that means we have to collaborate, trust each other, help each other and much more, however, we barely started.


  1. Honesty is good, I like how you wrote it with detail

  2. Hi Amita, I understand that collaboration is an important part of Exhibition. But don't worry too much, because you and your group must have entered the storming stag, which is normal.

    You are also definitely not the only group either to have entered the storming stage, since I know my group and I have also been having a bit of conflict. Remember not to focus on all the negative things, but also focus on what you and your group are doing well at.

    Maybe some things to think about are:
    What can you do to try and have less conflict? What are some of the strategies of resolving conflict and maintaining peace? Are some of your conflicts actually good for making decisions?

    Remember, don't get too stressed out about all of this,


    1. Thank you, so much Tara,
      I will definitely use these really helpful tips, not just in Exhibition however in all my life.

  3. hi Amita

    Good job for being honest about your groups collaboration. Not having good collaboration is part of exhibition. Are these conflicts good for your group? Some conflicts give good ideas. Remember to keep the peace within your group

    From Dylan

  4. Hi Amita
    I think you have been honest and informative with your post and It makes me think deeply about conflict.

  5. Hi Amita
    I think it's good that you were being very honest about what's happening in our group and that makes me want to change so our group collaborates.