Thursday, 12 May 2016

Field trip

Last Monday, on Labour day, my Exhibition group and I went to the Sama-Sama event where the migrant workers live and we thought if we went there, we could know more about them. Our purpose of going there to interview migrant workers for our 3 essential questions which were what are the role that migrant workers play in our community, what are the perspective about the issue (locally) and how do organisations help migrant workers and also other questions to understand more deeply into the inquiry. We were able to see the art Exhibition that were held there and throught the Exhibition, I have learnt that migrant workers might act as constrution or domestic workers in our thinking but they have also another career like a poet, doctor and etc. We were also able to get a tour around the migrant workers dorminaotry and getting notes from the guid. Unfortunately we didn't get to interview the migrant workers, we were able to get notes and information that could help us for the inquire and glad that we made the choice to go to the event.


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