Thursday, 12 May 2016

Our plans to take Action

Right now our group is in a stage of, sorting out our information and taking action. Somethings I think our group needs to think of is our sphere of influence (A Sphere of influence is, something that you can do and/or can not do). I think that because all our group is thinking of is BIG, for example, creating an organisation, changing the laws, and so on, however, we can't do that because it is not in our sphere of influence. Even though our group still is thinking "BIG",  I think we did a great job narrowing it down to things that are in our sphere of influence, such as:

Sphere of Influence 
  • TRY to start off with getting 10 signatures agree with migrant workers having a better place to live in, then we try 20, 50, 100, 150 all the way to 1,000 signatures
  • We can raise awareness
  • Join a NGO to help migrant workers
  • Donate (time, money, etc)

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  1. Thanks for giving us some insight into your thinking about taking responsible action Amita. As you mention it can be really hard to develop an action plan that will make a difference. I like how you are thinking about starting your action within your sphere of influence.