Monday, 16 May 2016

Reflecting on UWCSEA skills and qualities

Ok, this is a blog post that will state my opinion on how I have been progressing on the UWCSEA Learner profile.
I think me and my group are progressing pretty well on self-manager because we got all of our tasks done and we can organize our time quite well. An example of this is that we alway got our homework done and we have not really run out of time that much.
I also think that we improved in resilience because we didn't give up when we found one of the questions hard due to lack of resources concerning that question. However, we can improve quite a bit in both these Skills and qualities. We can improve in Self-Managing by perhaps using schedules, we could improve in resilience by trying out self-talking.So, all in all, I believe that me and my group have improved in both Self-Manging and Resilience. I think that because of the reasons listed above.

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