Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Sama Sama the Event

On labour day, my Exhibition group and I went to an event that is about, showing that migrant workers have a purpose they are just not any random construction worker. In the event, it showed that Migrant Workers are creative, just like us and have a purpose. From this event, I learnt that migrant workers can be a doctor, poet, a friend, gardener and much more. From this event, I learned that migrant workers have a purpose and can do anything just like us. Something that really inspired me was this quote that a migrant worker made and it was, “I have always wondered what heaven is like”.

This is the quote



The colorful baskets are made by locals and foreign workers, and it was an organisation.


  1. Hello Amita I am Vihaan and I study in your school. I think that you have written your post with a lot of details about what you had learnt from the event that you went to. Something that you could do is to proof read your post a little bit better.

  2. Hi Amita I like how you wrote your post with details and how you connected it with yourself. I also Like how you included a quote.

    From Dylan

  3. Hi Amita
    I think you really made it clear what your message was and you gave evidence then summarized your main idea again at the end.
    From Elina

  4. Hi Amita
    I like how you connected to us and having the though to give the details and also like how some people commented, I like how you add in a quote.

  5. Thanks Amita for sharing in detail some of the learning you gained from this experience.