Monday, 9 May 2016

The way our group is collaborating

The way our group is collaborating now is much better. We hardly have any arguments, we don’t just misundersand what one is saying, instead we try to understand what the person In our group is saying.

Today instead of arguing we got a whole load of work done, the things that we got done were planning to interview migrant workers and also to organise the information that we have already found. Our group might have conflict mainly when we need to decide, but when we have conflict we know we are thinking and also putting our perspective into this pirticular thing.

To summarise what I have talked about we have not had many arguments and Instead of arguing we got more work done. We know that conflict is good because we show that we are thinking. 


  1. Vihaan it is great to hear your group is progressing and working better together. I like how you recognise the good side of conflict is that everyone feels passionate and would like their voice heard.

    I have noticed all of your posts have been about reflecting on collaboration or skills and qualities. I look forward to next week being one focusing on your learning and becoming an expert in your topic.

  2. I am so glad you realise the importance of collaboration Vihaan. It looks like you are really starting to understand that for groups to function efficiently, collaboration is an absolute must. In my opinion, it is not easy to collaborate successfully all of the time. I am glad your group is showing some resilience also and working through your difficulties. I look forward to reading more about your learning and your conclusions on this very important topic!

  3. Hi Vihaan, this is Aneesh (Keanu's buddy). Good work. I like your work.