Monday, 16 May 2016

This struck me when I watched this video

The Video

When I watched this particular part of this video I felt that some of us are not full with respect and are a little bit inhuman. This person made a comment about migrant construction workers. “We let them work here, but they create trouble instead. They should go back to China.” Something that I found really interesting about the migrant worker that responded to the comment was he did not feel bad he said something like this "This statement is correct. Only if we caused a lot of trouble and did not let the people be in peace here. This statement is wrong because we do not trouble the people here and we do not create a lot of chaos. So there are two sides to this argument."
Connecting to the Little India riot many people wrote comments about the people who were included in the riot not every Indian/Bangladeshi worker.
This part also struck me because there was a lot of racism here because one person commented said "They are smelly and they always stare at me. I do not feel safe at all." The response was something like this " I just came to Singapore to work. When some Singaporeans see my face they get scared. But the people here in Singapore are nice Singapore is also a good place. When I read this comment its like I don't know Singaporeans." When I listed and watched that part of the video I felt that we need to take action because there is a very big misunderstanding between Singaporeans and migrant workers. If this becomes more extreme this can lead to serious conflict.
When I read the positive comments I felt that there are some people that care for people that do so much for us. One of the migrant workers felt so much more comforted because of the positive comment the person wrote. Another Migrant worker had stayed in Singapore for 8 years and he liked Singapore that much which influenced him to stay 5 more years in Singapore.

In conclusion some people think migrant workers as very bad people because they might have seen a few cases of migrant workers not doing the right thing. But not every migrant worker is bad if that person or those people have done this thing doesn't make every migrant worker bad. Some comments made migrant workers feel good because they comforted migrant workers or they complimented them in a way. A migrant worker has been influenced by peoples actions to stay longer in Singapore.


  1. Vihaan, I agree with you because of how there are many reports of Migrant worker abuse and that many singaporeans actually think that way.

  2. Thanks for sharing this video on your blog Vihaan. It shares a very powerful message and uses a creative way to share a perspective we don't often hear in Singapore.

  3. Good work Vihaan. I really agree and I think that you have shared your message really well! Good work!