Wednesday, 18 May 2016

UWCSEA Skills and Qualities

 For skills and qualities from our school, I think we are going good for being resilient as despite arguing a lot, we also come together as a team and work out problems and whenever we aare at a dead end, we don't give up but keep on trying. It also relates to being critical thinker and communicating as we need these to develop us more to be part of the group. I also think that we are being principled as when some of our members could not do their homework because they were busy or anything else, they don't hide it but just say that they weren't able to do it and will do it as homework. I definately think that we should be honest if we did something wrong or didn't do homework because it is better to just admitt it and forget it rather than coming up with lies and excuses. I think that our group improved on collaboration but still needs to work on it.


  1. These are all good qualities to have.

  2. I like the way you feel very strongly about this, Yewon- great job, this is really impressive and a very interesting blog post.