Thursday, 2 June 2016

Our last post (Justin Vihaan)

We would like to thank our team members, our teachers and thanks to basically everyone who has helped on this journey of Exhibition of learning. That means people like our mentor, our parents, the people from NGOs that have been so kind to help us with this controversial topic. And last but not least we are going to thank ourselves for staying together as a group and not ditching the group.

The day on Thursday when we presented from 8:00AM to 3:00PM to all manner of different people, including high-schoolers, middle-schoolers, grade 4 students, our buddies, SAIS students, GEMS academy students and many visitors. Something that we found challenging was to stand up for 7 hours straight and repeating the same thing again and again and again. Another thing we found challenging was some of the students started to leave in the middle of the presentation purposefully. Something that we liked was we got to eat two gummies because we needed sugar to stay standing all that time. Also, something we would change next time would be to not talk so loudly because, at 3PM, we ended up with sore throats.

In conclusion, Thursday was a celebration of Exhibition (which was a tiring one.) in which we presented the entire day to the people listed above and did rather well, at least to our knowledge.


  1. Hi Equal End,

    I like how you explained your challenges as well as somethings you liked.
    I think this post has a very organised structure, thank you's first, challenges and things you liked next, finally your overall summary of exhibition.


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