About Us

We are the Equal End group from 5SLC,UWCSEA. Our group focus is to inquire into how migrant workers are treated in our community and to take action towards helping our local community support and appreciate the migrant workers. We have essential questions to help us inquire into this:
  1. What role do migrant workers play in our local community?

    1. What are the perspectives on this issue? (locally)
  2. How do certain organisations support Singapore’s migrant workers?

We use our strengths to reach our goals. We want to reach this goal because it connects to our local community which is in Singapore.

I am Amita. The strengths I am going to bring into the group are I speak clearly and kindly during face to face discussions and online. I will make sure I am organised for my learning during Exhibition by having all of the equipment I need and completing tasks. I will work to find solutions to problems my group faces along our learning journey.
I am Yewon. The strengths I am going to bring into the group are to show respect and fairness to members, to look and understand all sides and to make sure that I am organised for the learning. During Exhibition I would really like my mentor’s support to help me with thinking of new ideas that will help my group inquire. I am really excited about working with the group and you for Exhibition.

I am Justin. The strengths I am going to bring to the group are adapting and exploring new  ideas, analysing information for a solution and viewing obstacles as learning. During Exhibition I would like my mentor to help me with taking risks beyond my comfort zone. I am really excited about actually doing Exhibition after 3-4 weeks of research.

I am Vihaan. The strengths that I am going to bring to the group are, showing respect to every group member, collaborating with each and every group member and thinking out of the box. During the Exhibition I think I will find finding information challenging. During Exhibition I would like my mentor’s support to help me to finding information. I am excited to make the final product.
I am Nikhil. The strengths I’m going to bring to the group are organisation skills, staying on task and thinking of new ideas. During the Exhibition I think I will find meeting deadlines challenging and hope to always have support to help me do that. I am really excited to be working with a mentor.


  1. Hi kids,
    This is Justin's mom, Alice.
    I found this charity organization, Transient Workers Count Too "TWC2"
    will give you more cases reveal social equality for the migrant workers. Kindly have a look n even go there talk to the staff there. Have fun!


  2. Wow, this is a very complete post! Well written and gives the reader good information. Good luck with your project!

  3. Dear Equal End,
    I am Maurice from Team Cyber Savers. What did you notice so far? Have you ever changed opinions? If so, how? Me and my group had also brought similar strengths to our group.

    Many Thanks,
    Maurice from Team Cyber Savers

  4. What a fabulous way to start your research! The collaboration is visible from this blog itself to achieve your goals together.

  5. Hello I am Sofia in 5AMc,
    This blog is amazing! I really like how you talked a bit about yourself but you also talked about your questions and research.Keep up the good work!

  6. Hi I'm Sophia from 5AMc,
    I've read a couple of your blog posts and really liked them. I really liked your action plan ideas - good job on thinking of your action plan! I think you guys can make a big difference on this topic. I'm sure that the migrant workers will appreciate what you guys are doing. Good job and good luck!